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Farming Simulator Review: 30plusgamer

Farming Simulator is a simulation game that challenges you to start with a small farm and work your way up. There are highs and lows with this game which leaves a mixed experience as far as enjoyment. It should be stated this game is really for simulator fans only, if you want to experiment with the genre I would not pick this is a jumping off point…….

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1 Xbox 360 Review | iGame Responsibly

Brian of iGR writes “Now if youll excuse me I have to reassemble my brain again after it was blown for a second time.”……

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review I Play Legit

KJ of Play Legit Writes “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an absolutely mindless button masher. A bit of fun can be had with friends, but were not even sure how long that will last. Even for children at a young age, Its tough to recommend.”……

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[WKG] Batman: Arkham Origins Review

With its predecessors having received critical acclaim, expectations for the next release in the Arkham series were always going to be high. ……

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Dual Wielding: Game of the Generation Podcast

On this week show, the hosts share their Top 7 Games of the Generation for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. ……

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ZTGD | SoulCalibur II HD Online (XBLA) Review

Jae Lee writes: The first I played of the Soul series (not to be confused with the Dark/Demons Souls) is when I played the very first one on the Playstation when it was called Soul Edge.

It was the second 3D fighting game to prominently feature the use of weapons in combat and while it was rough around the edges (get? GET IT?! Im sorry), it was still a solid fighter. However, when SoulCalibur released for the Dreamcast, it managed to turn heads with its superb graphical fidelity along with great mechanics that added layers of depth and strategy ………

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The Bridge Review: Beautifully Twisted | For the Love of Gaming

Overall, The Bridge is fun mind bending experience that is quite refreshing. The puzzles are very well designed and challenge the player to truly use their mind to solve them. The art style is simply amazing and is something that has to seen to believe how smooth and breath taking it truly is. It might get a little confusing at points, but that isnt enough to stop The Bridge from being a great game. With the low price of $10 you simply have to give this game a shot…….

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Battlefield 4 Review – GameFreaks

GameFreaks write:

It seems strange to be here so soon, writing a review of this game. I could have sworn it was only yesterday people were getting far too excited about the release of Battlefield 3, and here comes the fourth instalment filled with pomp and circumstance. My confusion was not alleviated by actually picking up and playing the game, as everything feels coldly familiar. The style is the same, the visuals are comparable if you happen to be stuck with a current-generation console copy, the gameplay cribs from all of its predecessors but mainly the most recent and even the ………

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review Hulk Smashing Fun for Gamers and Comic Book Fans Alike | COG

COG’s newest contributor reviews the latest entry into the LEGO game franchise and finds that it was a great game for her first review duties.

“With past LEGO crossover games such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Batman, not only have I been patiently waiting, but almost at the edge of my seat for a Marvel Universe crossover. Alas, my waiting has come to an end. Having grown up with LEGO and being a Marvel Comics fan, seeing this crossover happen is like a dream come true. The mere thought of Marvel characters having the famous LEGO humour ………

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GameZone’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers – Xbox 360

GameZone writes, “Dont let the Xbox One adopters have all the fun during the holidays! The Xbox 360 is still kicking, and were willing to bet there are plenty of lucky gamers on your list who still need to catch up on the numerous awesome Xbox 360 releases throughout the year. Weve rounded up gifts for every type of 360 gamer on your list, from little brothers and sisters to hardcore gamer friends who need some extra additions to their collections, so no matter who you still have left to buy for, rest assured youll be handing out some choice content.”……

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