Latest Xbox 360 News Including Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Brand New Gameplay Video

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EA will continue making Xbox 360 and PS3 games for years to come

EA has announced an interesting announcement today, saying that they will continue developing games for current-gens ( Xbox 360, PS3 ) and not stop in few months but instead keep developing for years to come. This week at UBS Global Technology Conference EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained that hat the company will support current-generation games for the foreseeable future.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Brand New Gameplay Video

New 11 minute long gameplay video for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII……

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BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea: Episode 1 Review [Muse Culture]

The multiuniverse adventures of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth take us back to the depth of Andrew Ryan’s Rapture in BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea: Episode 1……

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Call of Duty Ghosts Review | Games Fiends

Gamesfiend’s Zeth takes a look at this years offering from the COD stable and sizes up the state of the franchise…….

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Blood Knights Review [Muse Culture]

Over the past few years it seems that vampires have become more and more popular in various forms of entertainment, especially with TV and movies leading the way. While games, at times, have followed the popular genres, its surprising that not one game developer has attempted to capitalise on the recent incline of vampires on our screens…….

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets 11 minutes of gameplay out of Japan

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has received an 11-minute gameplay video out of Japan. See the pink-haired hero in action here. The clip comes from Japanese site 4Gamer and shows Lightning roaming plains, exploring cities and engaging creatures in battle. Skip past the opening montage to see the raw footage. It follows this Lightning Returns: […]……

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Castle of Yami (Castle of Illusion Playthrough)

Yami writes: “When I was little, Castle of Illusion was my favorite hard game. It kicked my ass and Im pretty sure I never made it past the first level, but I loved it all the same. Because Mickey. Get Games gave me the opportunity to play through the new, HD remake of Castle of Illusion and my childhood was shattered as I found out its actually a really easy game and I may have just been an idiot. Watch my antics above!”……

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Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Review | GameFreaks

GameFreaks write:

The scattered remains of five British Navy ships surrounded our vessel. Wood, rum barrels and charred corpses floated about impotently, as my crew cheered and began loading plundered cargo into the hold. Suddenly a red sail pierced the horizon, and pirate bounty hunters levelled their broadside cannons at our ship. Again there is yelling and flames and blood; a storm rages all around us as we send another dozen souls to the depths of hell. First Mate Ubisoft politely taps me on the shoulder and asks if I could please get back to the main plot. I laugh ………

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XCOM: Enemy Within: Augmenting strategys new hero | SnackBarGames Review

SnackBarGames write:

Last years XCOM: Enemy Unknown was amazing. It kept me enthralled for over 60 hours. I even managed to save humanity a few times, and while I was having fun each time, my campaigns always followed the same arc: tech up to laser weapons, tech up to carapace armor, capture and research plasma, research ghost armor, discover psionics and save the planet. Things didnt always go according to plan, but when they did, that was the order of operations. XCOM: Enemy Within shakes things up quite a bit, and it makes every aspect of the game feel fresh again…….

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Deadfall Adventures review | PCGMedia

PCGMedia reviews Nordic Games’ Deadfall Adventures.

Deadfall Adventures is scrappy, rough around the edges, and grabs ideas from other franchises with no shame. Its also good, old-fashioned fun. While the action side is lacking, Nordic Games have absolutely nailed the adventure. Therefore its a shame that the beautiful environments and fun puzzles are let down by the bugs and high price, making it difficult to recommend in its current state…….

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