Latest Xbox One News Including ‘Invisible Walls Game Math’

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Ryse:Sons of Rome – Beavers Preview

Italian Webcomic wrote:”she-wolf sons grow well”……

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Invisible Walls Game Math

Game Math

Mirror’s Edge + Hawken = ???? We do the math in this Invisible Walls snippet…….

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Xbox One New Details: Media Files, HTML5 Support, "Developers Loving System SDK and Performance"

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb talks all about the Xbox One…….

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Playing PS4 through the Xbox One "won’t be a great experience" says Penello

Examiner: “The Internet was ablaze with reports yesterday that the Xbox One would be able to play the PlayStation 4 through the HDMI In port. Senior Director of Product Management, Albert Penello was quoted at Tokyo Game Show as saying, “Any application can be snapped to a game…this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that.””……

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Dead Rising 3 makes me happy with how crazy it is | Destructoid

Destructoid – “The first showing of Dead Rising 3 looked good, but it also looked pretty serious. I feel in love with the franchise for its weirdness, so that first showing at E3 had me concerned. But from what I’ve seen at Tokyo Game Show this week, I’m no longer worried. Now I know that Dead Rising 3 is about as crazy as it gets.”……

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D4, Swery65’s Xbox One Kinect game, is wonderfully weird | Destructoid

Upcoming Xbox One title D4 was designed for use with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Game director Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro made it a point to stress this during our Tokyo Game Show meeting. D4 can be played with a controller, but his personal preference is that you play it with Kinect…….

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32 Great Pictures of Xbox One, its Smallest Details, Its Controller, and Microsofts TGS Booth

Here are some really unprecedented pictures of the Xbox One from Tokyo Game Show, including the ports on the back and some small details that arent normally that visible in the promotional bullshots. In addition to that, there are some pictures of Microsofts Tokyo Game Show booth, including the quite awesome Titanfall statue that greets visitors at the entrance.

There are also some great shots of the Ones controller from basically every angle you can imagine……

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Hands-On Preview: Shadow Warrior A Day in the Life of Lo Wang – Electronic Theatre

My name is Lo Wang. I am a hired goon for an international business mogul; the kind of man who does most of his business off the books with a sword in his hand, if you catch my drift. My latest assignment is a weird one, and Im not ashamed to say that Im a little more curious than I should be, but regardless the important thing is that it pays well. And it pays well because Im good at what I do…….

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